Yoon Hyup

"Creativity is an endless communion for me and I attain a state 
of perfect contentment when I paint."

- Yoon Hyup (Artist)

Judy Kaufmann

"I think the time you spend drawing is proportional to the quality of your artwork, 
and the time you spend traveling is proportional to the quantity of inspiration."

- Judy Kaufmann (illustrator)

Tope Eletu

"Creativity for me has always been about getting in touch with your soul and getting to know who you are at the core. Not everyone is good at it but everyone CAN do it, if they are open to it. It’s about beauty and it’s about expressing the real conditions of human life and emotions with every action you take and every stroke of the pen. It keep life moving. Without it, we would all just be soulless creatures."

-Tope Eletu (curator/creative director of Bad Girl Confidence)

Dawn Okoro

"Creativity means seeing outside the box.
 It means bringing my individual aesthetic to a project."

- Dawn Okoro (Artist)

Tyler Spangler

Creativity is taking your unique experiences and translating them into your passion. 

-Tyler Spangler (Graphic Designer)

Jane Radstrom

I am naturally a very scientific person. I do not see this as an opposite of creativity. My work starts with parameters, from there exploration happens. By setting clear goals at the start of each piece I have a way to determine when it's finished - otherwise I am likely to wander off and start several new ideas right on top of the original one. If a new idea occurs to me while I'm working on a piece, I try to set it aside and make it part of my goals for the next work. 
So, much of the creative process happens while I am reflecting in between working on paintings. 

- Jane Radstrom (Painter/Designer)

Arnold Butler

“My idea of art isn't normal. I feel the artist should appear
 in his work no more than God appears in nature. 
Man means nothing-his work means everything."

- Arnold Butler (Artist)

KaCey KalifraGIListic

"#ARTGAMEstressful". It's a little phrase that I came up with out of my frustration for the current state of the type art that has become popular in the age of Twitter and Tumblr. 
No one is even trying to be different artistically anymore because it's so easy not to. 
Not only that, but the fact that a lot great works of art get looked over in the process. 
I respect everyone who actually try and understand the struggle. 

KaCey KalifraGIListic (graphic and digital artist and illustrator)

Ekow Nimako

"Creativity can be accessed to serve just about any purpose; the more creatively 
attuned of mind, the more fascinating the results."

- Ekow Nimako (LEGO artist)

Grégoire A. Meyer

Creativity gives a new reality to the world the artist inhabits.
Grégoire A. Meyer (digital artist/photographer)

Federico Infante

"For me creativity is very related to honesty, Being honest with yourself. I can only progress in my work when I am aware of what I am missing and then only then is when creativity can act. I "create" a new way, find a new solution, or even teach myself how to paint again if I have to. Creativity is not an accident, it is an important part in the mind of any successful person. Whether we see it or not, that's another thing."

Zakaria Wakrim

I see creativity as the magical part of any artistic approach. It is the kind of work that doesn't feel as work. Being creative is being somehow adventurous, original but also hard-working. 
I firmly believe that there's an innate part, but there's also another which you can work throughout your life.

- Zakaria Wakrim (Photographer)

Solomon Adufah

I believe that creativity is a unique identity of an individual's ability to express themselves. This expression can be viewed through past and present experiences. 
-Solomon Adufah (Artist)

S. Thornton

"Creativity is about something FRESH. Looking at things not as they are but as they could be. 
Being creative means to me a life worth living. My freedom, my escape my therapy."

-  S. Thornton (mixed media artist)

Laolu Senbanjo

"Creativity is the ability to create something from nothing. Artists like musicians use silence as their canvas. They arrange sounds and make music into an empty space and based on what you hear and perceive, the listener will decide what is good music or bad music, but you can not deny the art in the space of silence because ones you turn off the music all you have is silence.
Creativity is putting different levels of your imaginations, experience, energy and channeling them into something totally different, something that has not existed at that particular point in time."

- Laolu Senbanjo (artist/musician/lawyer)


"Creativity is about refusing to be fearful. Human existence is a paradox: we reward creative thinking yet the most dominant social forces in the world encourage us to conform. When we reject the pressure to conform we face the fear of standing alone but at the same time we realize our creative selves. Facing that fear is the hardest part of being creative, its also the easiest thing to do because all you are really doing is listening to your true self."
- SoTeeOh (photographer)

Andrada Puşcaş

"We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are." We have to constantly create and to work on our dreams and by doing that we have to change our thinking into a positive one, into one where we believe in our dreams."

Andrada Puşcaş (graphic designer)

Kai Brach

Creativity is the ability to think outside the box and connect dots in ways other people haven't before. But let's not kid ourselves, we always rely on others to put the dots there in the first place. Everything is a remix. 
- Kai Brach (publisher of Offscreen Magazine/web designer)

Emmanuel Afolabi

''Creativity is about challenging the status quo, doing something unexpected. 
Creativity can come from anywhere.''

- Emmanuel Afolabi (Photographer)

Othello Grey

"In my opinion, true creativity is the unique ability to transform inspiration into new ideas. All artists feed off of inspiration and (while in the state of euphoria) attempt to create. 
The difference is that some artists posses the ability to separate themselves from what inspires them just enough that what they create is not a clone/imitation/reiteration etc. 

Creativity is an art in itself. A passionate struggle. Flowing freely outside of everything that has been done already (as nearly everything has) seems virtually impossible, so the strategy now is to learn how to re imagine ideas and allow them to manifest
 alongside your own unique abilities. 

Inspiration can come from anything which in turn means creativity is formless. The most mundane elements of life can spark the mind- understanding this and seeking it out is one of the most valuable tools anyone can possess. There are levels to creativity.. I could go on forever.. creativity is an art, it takes strategy, it takes discipline, it takes effort.. but once you concentrate all of what is necessary to be creative… it takes nothing."

- Othello Grey (photographer/creative director)

Brianna McCarthy

"Creativity is the translation into space and time, of passion and necessity. 
It is the conduit through which life and love find their voice."

Brianna McCarthy (mixed media visual communicator)